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We design experiences!


Sesamo Lab is a multidisciplinary architecture studio which explores the virtual space.

We collaborate with individuals, brands, companies, etc to make their presence on internet three-dimensional.
We are ready to be part of this revolution, and you?



BSF auditorium

An auditorium in the middle of the desert? Let’s do it!


The Cloud Milano

The Cloud has set us a challenge: to connect physical and virtual space through an event floating on a cloud!



With VI MMXX we bring the style on WEB3!



What if a communication agency wanted a space in the Metaverse to present itself instead of a boring website?



An exhibition, a game, an expo…but first of all an experience!



A journey from space to Dubai, with IFFCO anything is possible!



The Eden Of The Future: what if neoclassicism and cyberpunk met in one space?


Client - The Cloud
Client - Creo
Client - VI MMXX
Client - XStudios
Client - IFFCO Italia
Client - IFFCO


SESAMO - Leonardo Sollami

Leonardo Sollami

CEO & Design Strategy

Leonardo Sollami, was born in a provincial town south of Rome, Velletri. He graduated in “Science of Architecture” at the University of Rome
“La Sapienza” in 2019 and then moved to Milan to pursue a Master’s degree at the Politecnico di Milano in “Architecture-Built Environment-Interior”. He founded and worked for the cultural association of which he is president, “Tratti”, which led him to get to know and later collaborate with various European realities. Intrigued by the new opportunities offered by new technologies, he became interested in and worked on several blockchain projects. In 2021, he began personal research into the design of virtual spaces, and in 2022, to continue this research, he founded Sesamo Lab together with two friends. He loves photography to which he devotes his spare time.

SESAMO - Marco Angrisani

Marco Angrisani

CTO & Technical Manager

Marco Angrisani, graduated in “Science of Architecture” at the University of Roma Tre with a thesis on the “Parametric Optimisation of Architecture”. He subsequently obtained a Master’s degree in “Building Architecture” at the Politecnico di Milano with a thesis on the “Conservative Transformation of the Modern”

SESAMO - Marco Grattarola

Marco Grattarola

COO & Team Manager

Marco Grattarola, graduated in “Science of Architecture” at the Polytechnic School of Genoa and later obtained a Master’s degree in “Architecture-Built Environment-Interior” at the Politecnico di Milano with a thesis on “Active Architecture”. He completed several internships in professional architectural firms and in a contemporary art gallery. He founded and direct an architecture magazine called “AGORA magazine”, he also founded an innovative pharmaceutical startup where he experiments his curiosity about new technologies and innovation. He plays piano and guitar as well as organising art and music events.

SESAMO - Ginevra Turco

Ginevra Turco

Creative Technologist & Environment Designers

Ginevra Turco, a Cagliari native who has lived in Milan for the past four years, received her Bachelor’s degree in “Creative Technologies – Game Development” from the NABA (New Academy of Fine Arts).Interested in new technology, problem solving, and experimental activities.

SESAMO - Alessia Minetti

Alessia Menetti

3D Specialist

Alessia Menetti, originally from Bologna, moved to Milan at the age of 18 to study at NABA, the “New Academy of Fine Arts”. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in “Creative Technologies – 3D Design” in 2021. She is now employed as a “Material Artist and Unreal Engine Artist” at a software company, even though she wishes to specialize as an Environment Artist in order to build stunning landscapes and constructions. Videogames enthusiast and a little nerdy, she enjoys challenges both in real and virtual worlds.

SESAMO - Nicolò Santaniello

Nicolò Santaniello

VFX & 3D Motion Graphics

Nicolò Santaniello, originally from Velletri (RM), moved to Amsterdam where he studied at SAE and graduated in Digital Film Production specializing in VFX and 3D Motion Graphics in 2020. He now works as a VFX Artist, Modeler and Animator in Milan with the industry standard software, Autodesk Maya. Passionate about the whole virtual world of 3D, he is always looking for new methods and techniques to express his thoughts.

SESAMO - Damiano Rodriguez

Damiano Rodriguez


Damiano Rodriguez is co-founder and CEO of Futbala, one of the first ‘Play to Earn’ video games dedicated to the world of football, which exploits blockchain and NFT technology to propose a unique new gaming paradigm. He is one of the founding members of Foundation-C, a charitable foundation whose aim is to support the growth of the best Italian scale-ups thanks to a prestigious network of managers belonging to the best-known Italian companies such as Sisal, Unicredit, TeamSystem. His first company is Biotiful, an application for the cosmetics market that reached one million downloads. He was honoured in the Senate by winning the 2016 Green Pride award. He started approaching the Fintech & Blockchain market during 2017 by founding Mimic, a crypto social trading platform, which was acquired by a Swiss holding company in 2019.


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